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Sa. 03.03.18, 21:00h, TOP OF THE 80's, Klosters


So. 08.04.18, 18:00h, Konzert Gesangsschule Deborah Handschin, Winterthur

So. 15.04.18, 17:00h, Konzert Gesangsschule Frank Tender, Forch

Fr. 27.04.18, 19:00h, TOP OF THE 80's, Luzern

Fr. 12.05.18, 21:30h, TOP OF THE 80's, Bern


Sa. 18.05.18, 20:00, FRANK TENDER, Uitikon-Waldegg Private

Sa. 30.06.18, 19:30h, FRANK TENDER, Greifensee

Sa. 14.07.18, TOP OF THE 80's, Magden

Fr. 04.08.18, 20:00h, TOP OF THE 80's, Rohrschacherberg, Private

Sa. 25.08.18, 21:00h, Joe Martin Band, DE-Rheinfelden

Sa. 08.09.18, 20:00, FRANK TENDER, Zürich Private

Sa. 04.11.18, 19:00h, FRANK TENDER, Effretikon, Stadthaussaal

So. 25.11.17, 17:00h, DO LORD GOSPEL POWER, Zollikon ZH

Sa. 09.12.18, 10:00h, FRANK TENDER, Niederhasli, Mehrzweckhalle


Do. 13.12.18, 20:00h, FRANK TENDER, Uitikon-Waldegg, Uitikerhuus

Mo. 31.12.18, 20:00h, FRANK TENDER, Uitikon-Waldegg


Vergangene Konzerte

Sa. 13.01.18, 21:00h, FRANK TENDER Event, Uitikon Waldegg

Mo. 25.12.17, 20:00h, generation-g Gospel, Lenzerheide


Fr. 22.12.17, 20:00h, TOP OF THE 80's, Luzern, Private

So. 10.12.17, 14:00h, generation-g Gospel, Wil SG

So. 26.11.17, 17:00h, DO LORD GOSPEL POWER, Gossau ZH

Fr. 24.11.17, 23:30h, TOP OF THE 80's, Zürich

So. 17.12.17, 14:00h, generation-g Gospel, Amriswil

Sa. 11.11.17, 21:00h, SACHO AND THE BITTER SUITES, Altnau

Fr. 10.11.17, 20:30h, SACHO AND THE BITTER SUITES, Dübendorf

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